One is silver and the other gold

NaBloPoMo Day 3

I had the nicest lunch with my friend Linda today. Actually, it may be a misnomer to call it “lunch,” as we didn’t find a place to eat until 3 and were still at the restaurant at 5:30, but since we got together at 12:30, I’m sticking to it.

Linda and I met as college roommates, freshman year.  She had gotten there first and had started to unpack, but she wasn’t there when I arrived. I decided to see what kind of person I’d been matched up with in the most reasonable way for any 17-year-old in 1984. I started looking at her cassette tapes.

I was shocked – shocked! – by what I saw there.

Dire Straits. What had the campus housing gods done to me? Dire Straits?! I couldn’t possibly get along with someone who liked Dire Straits! I was looking for Depeche Mode, or Tears For Fears, or the Thompson Twins!

Then I met Linda, and I was convinced that this was a match that was definitely never going to work. Besides our differences in musical tastes, we couldn’t be more different in communication style. I am very diplomatic; I tend to phrase things in a way that will not upset people, a skill I think I honed as a middle child between two hotheads. (Love you guys, hot heads and all!) Linda, on the other hand, is the most straightforward person I have ever known, to this day. She says what she thinks, with virtually no filter. At all. At times – then and now – it is refreshing. At times – then and now – it is infuriating. No matter what, though, you know where she stands and how she feels.

Despite our differences, we bonded over the course of our college adventures and have kept up our friendship for the past almost-thirty years. We’ve watched each other date, get married, have kids, grow older (I’m not sure we will ever grow up!) and settle down. I have come to know that it doesn’t matter if we have been apart for a week or a year, when we get together, it is like no time has passed. We plunge right back in with conversations of our families and ourselves, with updates on everything the other has missed in the ensuing time.

So happy birthday, young lady! Thanks for spending the day with me and getting all caught up; I treasure these times together. Here’s to another twenty-nine years of friendship!

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