Hudson Taylor

NaBloPoMo Day 9

 Yep, it’s a fangirl post. I have a major music-crush thing for an Irish band called Hudson Taylor. I’ve had a different one of their songs stuck in my head every day this week, and a couple of them I simply haven’t been able to shake loose. That, my friends, is the sign of a good band. In typical song-stuck-in-my-head tradition, I have decided to share them with you to get them stuck in yours. You’re welcome.

So, how cute are they?! They are brothers from Dublin named Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor. They started out busking (playing on the streets for money) in Dublin, posted videos on YouTube, developed a loyal following, self-released a few EPs, got a band together, and recently signed with Polydor Records.

I have faith that they are going to be a huge success. I mean, they are cute young Irish lads for a start, they write all their own music, and they harmonize beautifully. It’s the perfect formula.

It’s kind of fun to get into a band on the early end of their career, something I miss from my college radio DJ days. Quinland’s friend Molly discovered Hudson Taylor thanks to Pandora, bought their Battles EP, and shared it with Q. Quinland “shared” them with me in 15-year-old style, by playing them over and over and over. Now I’m hooked. 


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