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NaBloPoMo Day 14:
Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am a night owl. I am the Great Horned Night Owl of night owls. Not so much because of how late I stay up, but because of how much I am not a morning person. You see, the number of hours of sleep I get is irrelevant. It makes no difference if I go to bed at 3 AM or right after an early dinner – if you wake me up early, I am miserable.

I love to wake up naturally. It would be wonderful to be self-employed and able to set my own hours, though I wonder if I would ever want to get out of bed if left to my own devices! Yes, I know I would; I see how productive I am on Saturday mornings after I have been allowed to sleep as long as I need to sleep. (I almost wrote “on weekend mornings,” but our parish has recently gone to a single Sunday morning Mass, so we have to leave the house at 9 instead of 10. This means I have to set an alarm, just like a work day! It’s very sad.)

When we came home from Europe last year, I took advantage of being jet-lagged to keep on my same sleep schedule and get up at 5 AM Portland time each day. It was awesome for making it to 6:00 hot yoga! It only lasted for a few weeks, though, until I needed to wake up with my little broken-leg Q throughout the night. It showed me, though, that my night-owl tendencies are not due to the sunlight or lack thereof, but just the way my body clock is set. So all I need is another trip to Europe to reset it! That’s the perfect excuse to go (and I can see a Hudson Taylor show while I’m at it.)

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