happy birthday dear RJ, happy birthday to you!

NaBloPoMo Day 23

Today is my nephew’s birthday. My very first nephew – the very first grandchild in our family – RJ was born 19 years ago, shortly after David and I returned from living overseas for a year. (In fact, he actually visited us in Germany when he was still in utero.) I could tell you all kinds of things about him – he is as complex as most young people are – but I’ll just note a couple here.

From the time he was a tiny little guy, RJ’s had a great sense of humor. When he was tickled or you made funny faces at him as a baby, he would laugh and laugh. As a toddler, I remember him walking around quoting The Princess Bride: “No more rhyming, and I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?” My sister would put him on the phone with me from California, and I could make him laugh with silly inside jokes.

RJ has always had an encyclopedic brain for things he’s interested in, from dinosaurs and U.S. Presidents as a little kid, to New Order and Joy Division facts today. He can be really serious – he is an inspiration to all our family for his stance on fair trade standards, for instance – but he can also play crazy, hilarious games of The Resistance with his cousins. (He has an amazing ability to keep a straight face, so he is a master at that game of spies.)

I’m so proud of the smart, handsome, principled young man he has become. I look forward to seeing his life unfold from here. Happy birthday, RJ!

With much love,
Auntie Lori

2 thoughts on “happy birthday dear RJ, happy birthday to you!

  1. At first, RJ was not excited to know he was any part of a blog (you know how he hates attention 🙂 ) But I sent him the link and he seemed very, very happy, Auntie Lori. You are the best!


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