full Indian meal, meat and vegetarian

NaBloPoMo Day 24

Our family meal plan has been going strong now for three months!

Quinland was busily doing KP this morning when she poked her head into the dining room to ask, “Is this scheme the longest one we’ve ever done?” I assured her that it was definitely the longest meal plan we’d ever done, and quite possibly was the longest we’d ever stuck with any scheme, ever. While I’m not proud of what that says about my consistency as a disciplinarian, I am glad that Q will be getting a taste of meal planning, cooking, and responsibility before she grows up and moves out in a few years. (Lest you think that she has never had chores, you would be mistaken; she’s always been in charge of loading and unloading the dishwasher, but all other tasks have been assigned on an as-needed basis, not regularly scheduled.)

I’ve been especially pleased with how Quinland is developing as a cook on the nights that she is the Chef. She’s been an excellent baker for years, but she’s expanding her skills. Tonight, she cooked a sweet potato-and-chicken curry, added a number of pre-packaged Indian sides and two kinds of rice. She modestly said she “just heated things up,” and while that was true for the sides and the rice, she also orchestrated the whole meal and got it all on the table at the same time, HOT. I didn’t begin to learn that until I was 40, and I’m still not good at it. All that was after planning the meal and shopping for it at two stores. (I even dropped her off at Fred Meyer, and she shopped, scanned, paid, met me outside, and loaded the bags in the car herself.)

Tomorrow morning, Q doesn’t  have school, and she’s planning on making orange-cranberry scones for breakfast (from scratch, of course). I can’t wait.

Bonus points today if you can name the film the title of this post comes from!

4 thoughts on “full Indian meal, meat and vegetarian

    1. Whitney for the win! Yes, indeed, Bend It Like Beckham. I love the scene where her mom is teaching her to cook and she is bouncing the cabbage on her knee like a soccer ball. (Heck, I love the whole movie!)


    1. Alas, you have the wrong title… although the moving picture – which was named by the incomparable Whitney in her missive below – does indeed feature the oh-so-accomplished Keira Knightley as well. (In a scandalous role, I must add! She scampers about in short pants on an athletic field! Shocking.)

      My darling child, I own, IS quite accomplished. Although instead of netting purses, he crafts darling little designs for duct tape wallets.


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