pinning the day away

NaBloPoMo Day 30 – the last day!

I had all kinds of expectations for my little Thanksgiving holiday. I planned to work, work, work. I spent about three hours working today, but I also spent about two hours pinning stuff on Pinterest and a good four or five hours in bed. I know I still have one day left, but let’s see how I am doing so far.

  • Clean the house – 25% completed. The kitchen is clean, thanks to David; the basement is clean; the living room is clean. I’ve gotten a good start on my bedroom.
  • Hang the Christmas lights – 90% completed. Q and I hung the main lights on the front of the house; she is considering hanging lights on the back deck.
  • Get a tree – 0% completed. We are planning to go tomorrow, though I would be fine putting it off a week.
  • Move the giant cabinet from the basement to the new upstairs scrapbook room – 90% completed. The three of us hauled that sucker out onto the downstairs deck, up the hill of despair, and then through the front door and upstairs. We didn’t kill each other. I still need to hang the doors back on.
  • Set up my scrapbook room – 30% completed. I spent hours on this yesterday, but it is such a massive task. I bolted the big cabinet to the wall and started filling it with memorabilia and old photos. I moved my huge stock of pages and page protectors to the top shelf in the closet. There is sooooooo much still to do.
  • Load up countless boxes to go to Goodwill – 1% complete. I have a bag started with three things in it.
  • Stack and cover the deck furniture (I’m late on that one) – 0% completed.
  • Brush the cats – 0% completed.
  • Finish the laundry – 70% completed. I’ll be running down as soon as I finish here to put a load in the dryer.
  • Sort through all my paperwork – 0% completed. Yikes. This needs to be a priority tomorrow.
  • Spend quality time with my family – 99% completed. I had an incredible Thanksgiving with my family. Quinland and I watched Love Actually last night, which is always a good way to start the holiday season!
  • Go in to work for a few hours – 0% completed. I’ll probably do it tomorrow.

Well, it seems that I have my work cut out for me for Sunday! Church, Christmas tree, paperwork, and going to the office… But I will feel like I’ve made a good start on the upcoming week!

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