Seven days a week

Do you think you’re more or less likely to post every day in December?  Why?

I intend to post every day in December. I wasn’t going to even attempt it; I had decided that I’d post as often as possible, but if I didn’t post every day, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Then I checked out the December 2013 daily prompts over at I was intrigued… and I figured I’d give it a try.

See, if I leave it all loosey-goosey, I am far more likely to give myself a pass than if I make a commitment. I still might not hit every single day – it is the Christmas season, after all – but at least I’ll be making the effort. (You might notice that it is not a hard-and-fast commitment, as evidenced by the word “intend;” I’m not joining the December 2013 NaBloPoMo bloggers this time around.)

My real goal for the month is to start to clean some things up here at the ol’ blog. I want to add photos to a bunch of posts now that I have started digging out the craft room and unearthing photos of yore and yesteryear (and Colonial times). I want to clean up categories and tags and all those little things that help one find things on a blog. I may even go through and work on my capitalization. (But that might be stretching things just a bit.)

Let's talk! Comments are always welcome!

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