Time won’t give me time…

What do you wish you had more time to do each day?

There are so many things I would do if I had more time. What those things might be, however, would vary depending on what kind of time it might be. Oh, yes, different times of day are very different in my book.

If it was energetic, just-got-up-on-a-weekend morning time, I would spend it cleaning and decluttering my house. There is so much of that to do – and so little of that very special time – that I would love to have more of it. Days more! Weeks more! Months more! In fact, there were many times when we were on our once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe last year that I wished I had the same kind of downtime at home, just to deal with my stuff.

Additional after-work time, on the other hand, might be spent reading or hanging out with my family. I know that both David and Quinland wish I would play with them more. David would love it if I played more board games and watched more Battlestar Galactica. Quinland would love it if I just hung out with her and watched more Scrubs or Sherlock. I’ve been working long hours and trying to do house chores when I get home, so my playtime has kind of gone by the wayside.

If I had extra time at night… oh, how I would sleep! Sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. I am tired all the time and never seem to feel well-rested. It doesn’t seem to matter how many hours of sleep I get, either. (This is the kind of thing that frustrates me about MS. Is this the “MS fatigue” you hear about? Low-quality sleep? Iron-deficiency anemia? None of the above? Argh. I hate the unknown.)

I’d also like a whole extra day a week, thank you very much, just to do things with my friends. We could scrapbook, and go to lunch, and visit, and go out to dinner, and drink wine, and visit some more… I’d get all caught up with everyone and not feel so out of the loop. I have awesome friends and I don’t see them nearly enough.

What about you? If you had some extra time in your day, how would you spend it? Who would you spend it with? (Pick me! Pick me!)

2 thoughts on “Time won’t give me time…

  1. I’d pick you more! I think, thanks Gott I work in the same office as you or I’d never see you. I find you to be quite amiable.


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