runners? hi!


Such a fun night tonight! I got to go to Deb’s house for a craft night and meet the women from her running group. I was impressed by two things:

One, those girls were so warm and friendly to me, though only one had met me before (and hadn’t seen me in eight years or so) and though I am a complete and utter non-runner. Just a lovely group of women!

Two – and this will surprise no one – Deb is a crafting wizard. We made so many cute things! There were crafts stations for sewing a Christmas bunting and for making holiday signs, magnets, candles, and three kinds of Christmas trees. My favorites were the distressed-wood signs (mine says “Joy to the world”) and these adorable curled-paper Christmas trees. I spent ages getting mine just how I wanted it… and actually achieved that outlandish goal! Martha Stewart Deb had gone above and beyond the call of duty, planning the crafts, getting all the supplies prepped, and teaching all of us how to do each one.

All around, it was an excellent night out. Once again, I am promising you photos, but I swear I will get some and put them up. These things were just too cute to miss. (Edited to add: Here’s a photo from Deb! The little trees and the “Joy to the World” sign are mine. Love them!)


Thanks a million, Deb! (As my Hudson Taylor boys said on Facebook tonight, Go raibh míle maith agaibh!) xo

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