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34-365 Fly away

I’ve had a hard-working week, so sleep has been more of a priority than blogging around here. I’m working hard to pull myself out of a slump; I’d been feeling down and getting down on myself for not picking up all the pieces of my life. The last couple of days have been better. Some things that have perked me up a little bit:

  • My lovely family – I woke up Saturday morning upset from a dream where people were parading through my home with phone messages of all the things I had done wrong or neglected to do. Q came to invite me down for french toast breakfast and ended up comforting me. She’s such a good girl. Besides being his usual affectionate self, David has been patient with my dumping out bags of papers all over the house to get things onto…
  • A master list – I’ve been trying to jot down everything I need to do as I think of it (or as I come across a pertinent piece of paper). It’s an old Getting Things Done trick that works well (when I use it).
  • A Darcy story – I read a story where Colonel Fitzwilliam had been wounded in the Napoleonic wars and was drowning himself in drink. His doctor gave him the following advice: “Sometimes I pray.” This has sparked all kinds of reflection, and, of course…
  • Prayer – I read something this week along the lines of, “Don’t just take your troubles to the Lord. Leave them with Him.” Ah, yes. I have been toting my troubles around with me everywhere, taking them out and examining them and mourning over my uselessness. It goes right along with thinking too much about myself; I need to let it go and let it STAY gone.

I have a postcard with this quote on it: “Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway.” I’ve gotten the first part of that – the fear – down pat; now I’m trying to live up to the second part. Wish me luck!

Image by Jin Choi via Flickr – Thank you!

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