Day 41 – Zooming through the BMW Museum

Day 41 = Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our friend Bryann finished his trade show on Friday, so we got to take him sightseeing over the weekend before he had to fly home. Our first stop: a day at the BMW Museum!

We left Apartment Bremerich after a leisurely morning and walked to the U-Bahn through our local Schrebergärten (allotment garden), where neighborhood apartment residents who do not have a garden can still grow their own vegetables and plants.

German allotment gardens - Schrebergärten

Because this is Germany, these gardens are meticulously maintained and absolutely gorgeous. Many of them have little garden houses, where gardeners can keep their tools and supplies – and often a table and chairs or whatever amenities might make it a little more homey on the weekends. (Apparently some people also bring a television and hang out in the garden if a big match is on.)


But on to the BMW museum! Lori loves vintage cars (and vintage car museums), and everyone else was keen on checking it out as well. We had come here on our honeymoon 20 years ago, but it has been completely updated since then.

When you get to the museum, there are an assortment of very fancy motorcycles out front, and you can pose for pictures on them. Lori makes a pretty complacent-looking biker girl:

… but after taking a turn in the passenger seat, Quinland wanted to try riding the motorcycle on her own. He looks like a natural.

It was very fitting to have the newest models of motorcycles out front – as opposed to autos – since the very first BMW, manufactured back in 1923, was this R32 motorcycle:

This 1930 Dixi might be Lori’s favorite car in the place. (Teile in Eile translates to “parts in a hurry.”)


Love this 1939 BMW 328. The leather straps on the hood are awesome.

Everyone’s favorite BMW – the Isetta! The front of the car opens up to let the passengers inside. (Looks kind of like a Smart Car, oder?)

And the fabulous BMW 2002 – a classic. Lori and David should buy one of these. Perhaps we will get one for Quinland someday…

But enough of this fun! David, Bryann and Quinland finally dragged Lori out the door and over to the Olympiapark.

Expenditures: Day passes for the u-bahn, entry into the BMW Museum (BMW-Welt), lockers for our coats and backpacks, and some awesome postcards!

Experiences: Sighting some incredible vehicles – and getting to “ride” a high-powered cycle out front. Wheeeee!

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