Hudson Taylor tonight – live!

I am pleased to announce that I get to see Hudson Taylor tonight! Live. In person. And I didn’t even have to go to Dublin to do it.

Yes, Hudson Taylor, the Irish band whose praises I have been singing ever since Quinland introduced me to them.

No, I’m not some creepy middle-aged woman with a crush on young boys; I know very well that I am probably their mother’s age! I simply admire them for their lovely music, their charming personalities, and their dedication to communicating with their fans. As everyone knows, I have been a music-obsessed fangirl since my days in college radio (or possibly before, as anyone who remembers my Duran Duran phase will attest). When I fall for a band, I fall hard, and these boys deserve any admiration they get. They are talented and hard-working and have written some excellent songs… and they are only 19 and 21. (Alfie may be 20 by now, I suppose – I don’t know them that well.)

They are here in Los Angeles working on their first album, and I snatched up tickets as soon as I heard they were coming. I’d been planning to go see my sister this month anyway, so it was perfect timing. My friend Robin and I will be driving up to LA tonight to see the show, and I’m almost as excited about that! We were partners in crime back in high school, and a trip to Hollywood and a concert with her will be just like reliving our youth.

So – listen to Hudson Taylor! Go to YouTube and watch all their fantastic videos, and see why they are referred to as a young Simon and Garfunkel.

Until then, check out their new video for their single “Weapons.”

4 thoughts on “Hudson Taylor tonight – live!

  1. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a married woman in possession of a good ear for music must be in want of an Irish acoustic band.


    1. Indeed. My married state is no impediment to my enjoying their musicality, nor, I daresay, to doting on them as I do. They are uniformly charming.


    1. My sister is currently suffering from a herniated disk in her neck and has been laid up for ages, so I flew down to see if I could help her out. Days of lounging in our pajamas watching movies and visiting was pretty helpful, I think!


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