walking with Bonesy


Bones. Sherlock Bones.

Now that we are dog owners, we have become – of course – dog walkers. The three of us have a schedule down fairly well: I walk Bones in the morning, right after Quinland leaves for school, since David has to be at work 30 minutes before I do. (He does the morning walk if I have to be somewhere early, or if my leg is bugging me, or if I am lazy and charm him into doing it.) Quinland walks Bonesy when she gets home from school, and David usually takes him on a walk in the evening.

Spring is far and away my favorite season, as the days are growing longer and everything is blooming, so I have been enjoying my early-morning walks. I’ve been whipping out my not-so-great phone camera to take some shots of things that catch my eye. As the trees get their new leaves, I love to see the contrast of the bright green against the darker evergreens.

The weather here in Portland has been gorgeous this week. At the beginning of the week, it would rain overnight, but the sun would break out beautifully in the morning.

We have what we call a “secret bridge” near our house which runs over the small creek in our neighborhood. Just on the other side of the bridge is an old swingset with wooden swings. In the past, it has looked quite abandoned, but lately someone has put new bark chips underneath it, so I am hopeful that it is getting used again!

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