let sleeping cats lie…

Coming to pet ownership so late in life (we have had Jinx and Fu for less than two years, and Bones for less than six months), there are certain things that other people take for granted that I am still charmed by. One of these is the silly ways of sleepy cats.

Take Fu, for instance. When that kitty sleeps, she sleeps. She snores, meows in her sleep, and twitches to her little cat dreams. She does not want to be bothered by the likes of us.

Sleepy Fu

The interesting thing is, while she does not want to be bothered, she likes to fall asleep right where we are, and as close to our stuff as possible.

Cat and Mouse
cat and mouse – phone pic by David

She likes to be warm; she burrows under our covers constantly, which is a bit awkward if you forget to check under the blankets before you get in! Better than a cozy bed, however, is a cozy sunbeam:

Sunbeam Fu

But if there is no sunbeam handy, Fu will just keep looking for a cozy place. A shoebox, perhaps:

Box of cat

Most of all, though, she likes to cuddle up with her sister.  Sweet dreams, sleepy Fu!

Twocats Sleeping

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