putting the “ing” in blogging

Laptop Keyboard

Did you know that being a blogger is about more than just having a blog?

Did you just have to pick your chin up off the floor? I KNOW! Me, too!

Yep, it turns out that blogging consists of writing posts and actually posting them. Not just thinking of things to post and then talking yourself out of them. Not just writing drafts of posts and saving them forever. Not just taking pictures of little projects you do and planning to edit them sometime in the future. You have to write the words, bite the bullet, and pull the trigger.

Let me extend the (misused) gun metaphor even more. My dad once told me that I aim, aim, aim… but never shoot. He was correct when I was 17, and he is still correct today. I tend to focus on the preliminaries and preparations of activities more than the activities themselves. If the acquisition of manuals and tools and gear could make one a professional in a particular area, then I would be a world-class athlete, crafter, writer, chef, gardener and photographer.

Needless to say, I am none of the above.

Prep work is not making me a professional blogger, either… nor even a consistent amateur! I need to make a point of writing regularly, even if I need to rely on prompts like NaBloPoMo or the Daily Post to give me a nudge. I’ll try it for the rest of this month; let’s see how I do! * Edited to add: I didn’t do very well! I only managed to post one other time in June. Ack.

How about you? Is there anything that you would be the master of, if your stack of books could instantly make you so? (If I ever get to choose a superpower, maybe I’ll choose that one!)

Image by Liam Dunn via Flickr – Thank you!

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