It’s called rehearsal

Quinland spent a week this month trying out for the Fall school musical, In the Heights. They had a day of singing auditions and a day of dancing movement auditions before the cast was chosen. I was surprised that he decided to try out; besides his recent turn as King Richard in the Robin Hood play at Willowbrook Arts Camp this summer, Q hadn’t done a play since third grade, as far as I recall.

For the musical audition, each person had to prepare and perform a solo song as well as participate in an unrehearsed, on-the-spot group performance. Quinland tossed around a number of songs before settling on Green Day’s Are We The Waiting; it apparently went very well. Continue reading “It’s called rehearsal”

we can dance if we want to…

Morrissey video wall
Morrissey rocking the dance club that is my front hallway…

This was a slow summer. We didn’t take any trips, we didn’t see many people, and we didn’t have much excitement. We were pretty focused on home: spending quality time with our visiting family, getting things prepped for a big garage sale, selling stuff on Craigslist, and – in Qunland’s case – taking an online math class so that she could jump a year of math and take Precalculus as a sophomore. It was incredibly productive, but we were a bit bummed that we didn’t do more.

Consequently, we decided we would start the new year in style by getting some friends together and … drum machine roll, please … having an 80s dance party. Continue reading “we can dance if we want to…”

Hanging on to my “mom credibility” … by my fingernails

Q eyes

See that kid? I love him. And guess what? He loves me. I know this without a shadow of a doubt. He’s an amazing kid, I’m an awesome mom… all is well.

I also know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he finds me ridiculous. Part of this is because he is almost 16, but part of this is because – let’s face it – I am ridiculous. Continue reading “Hanging on to my “mom credibility” … by my fingernails”