It’s called rehearsal

Quinland spent a week this month trying out for the Fall school musical, In the Heights. They had a day of singing auditions and a day of dancing movement auditions before the cast was chosen. I was surprised that he decided to try out; besides his recent turn as King Richard in the Robin Hood play at Willowbrook Arts Camp this summer, Q hadn’t done a play since third grade, as far as I recall.

For the musical audition, each person had to prepare and perform a solo song as well as participate in an unrehearsed, on-the-spot group performance. Quinland tossed around a number of songs before settling on Green Day’s Are We The Waiting; it apparently went very well. He had more trouble with the group song, since he was handed a part that was way too high for his voice, but he made his way through. The dance movement audition went well, for the most part; he worried about having fallen once, but I figured the director would see he was giving it his all.

Apparently, that was the case — now, for the next two months, Quinland will be one of the Citizens of the Heights. (In other words, he does not have a lead role, but he made it into the chorus!) He’ll be singing the tenor part, which suits his voice and – as opposed to the alto part – is the melody and not the harmony, which was a relief to him.

Performances will take place the two weeks before Thanksgiving, with rehearsals 3-5 times per week until then. (Don’t make the mistake I did and call it “play practice;” these are professionals, here, and they have rehearsal.) It’s a crazy schedule, because they practice rehearse from 3:30-6, and then come home to do loads of homework. Whew! But he is psyched to be doing it, and I know he is up to the time management challenge. Now I just have to maintain the discipline of waiting until November to see it!


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