how to make money and save time on your next garage sale

garage sale sign

Every time we have a garage sale, we say, “Never again.” Apparently that phrase does not mean what we think it means.

When we moved to Portland from Tualatin, we went through every item we owned as we packed the moving boxes, determined that no old junk would make the move. Cheap plastic spatulas? No, let’s only take the decent kitchen tools. Particle-board bookshelves and $25 corduroy-and-2×4 sofa from the 70s? No, we’ve moved beyond that college-kid stuff.  We felt we’d streamlined to such an extent that the idea of a future sale was ludicrous. So, goodbye, little stickers! Adios, frantically pricing things at the crack of dawn! We’re done with that garage sale nonsense. Never again! Continue reading “how to make money and save time on your next garage sale”

happiness is a good MRI

Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, the kind of MS I have, is supposed to get steadily worse over time. While it’s true that my symptoms have never gone into remission – the stuff that’s been wrong with me for the last six years is still wrong with me – I have been incredibly lucky to have a slow-moving course of this scary disease. (May this good fortune continue!)

I recently had new MRIs of my brain and spinal cord done, and I got some fantastic news. But first, here’s a quick overview of the central nervous system to give you some idea of what I’m talking about. Continue reading “happiness is a good MRI”