Goodwill haunting

IMG_0060[1]There is a Goodwill Superstore right by our church, and every Sunday we stop in to check out a few important sections. David heads to the board games; I check out the Target housewares and look in the stationery section for Creative Memories stuff; and Quinland… actually, Q would rather be left in the car, so he comes in reluctantly (and I am not even sure where he goes first). He drags his feet and whines, “Why are we here? We don’t need more stuff!”

He is right, of course. We don’t need it. Our house is filled and overfilled with board games and housewares and scrapbooking supplies. But we have a habit, a rut we can’t get out of, an addiction to the thrill of the bargain find. So we find ourselves heading through those doors with our blue cart, again and again.

I try to rationalize it: I will only get things we need. Light bulbs. Clothes hangers. A bathroom scale. Curtains. These are all things I have purchased at Goodwill lately, and they are all things we needed and will use. But – worst of all – I get sucked into the book section every. single. time… and I can never seem to get out empty-handed.

My loot today: a Louisa May Alcott anthology (of her adult writings! I had never seen it!), some pre-WWII copies of Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom (I don’t have that edition of those!), a book on re-wiring lamps (a task I need to do!), a January 1947 Sunset magazine (wow, what cool ads!), and – oh, the irony – another book on organizing. One, in fact, that I have previously owned (and previously donated to Goodwill myself, essentially unread).

Don’t worry, though – this is the new expanded edition! I’m sure it’s guaranteed to get me that much more organized (at which time it, too, will go back to its home away from home… and mine).


welcome to the dark side

image1I’ve done it. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone.

I’m not actually sure how proud I am – sheepish might be a better word – but I have finally bitten the bullet and made the switch from Android. It is a strange feeling. I wasn’t one of those “I’d rather fight than switch!” people or anything, but I didn’t really see the need to get a more-expensive phone that would do essentially the same thing as the less-expensive option.

So why did I switch? Apps, mostly. I was told over and over again by Android users that the Android marketplace had zillions more apps, but – while that might have been true in terms of sheer numbers – I could never seem to find what I wanted or needed.

So, after three days of use, here are my pros and cons:


  • It’s so pretty! and shiny! and smooth! and thin!
  • I’m thrilled with the apps (and not just because I can play Ticket to Ride in half the time).
  • Because I got the iPhone 6, I’m on the cutting edge of phone ownership for the first time ever.


  • Regardless of how “intuitive” this interface is supposed to be, I find it hard to get used to. Nothing seems intuitive to me; I’m constantly Googling phone settings to figure stuff out.
  • It’s huge! I suppose I’ll get used to it, but I can’t imagine how anyone uses the 6 Plus as a phone. I find the 6 to be way too big.
  • I am so sad that I can’t make the home screens look the way I want them to. I had the coolest icon set for my Android, and I could put app icons anywhere I wanted – I could have four icons on a screen, one in each corner, if I wanted. Not this new phone, though – the dang thing shuffles everything into ridiculous little rows. Argh.

I’m sure I’ll love it when I get used to it. My problems are mostly superficial and have more to do with form than function. I’ll keep you posted!

getting fidgety again…

fidgety inigoI’ve been checking out some cool blogs lately. Started at the beginning of Ben Does Life, and I am incredibly impressed. I found it while searching for exercise programs – sort of like Couch to 5K, but easier, since I am so out of shape – because I am going to get into shape.

I’m trying to firm up my plan. I’ve been going to Bikram Yoga twice a week for the last few weeks. We just joined Southwest Community Center as a family, and I need to check out some of the classes there. Pilates is supposed to be really good for people with MS, and some kind of beginner cardio class would be fun.

I need to look closely at what i have been putting in my mouth, too… and when. I am really bad about eating breakfast, and then I eat way too much for lunch and snack instead of eating a healthy dinner. I need to balance my food intake over the whole day, and make sure that the food I am eating is high-quality.

Of course, all of this wants me to fidget with the blog, too: to start a new blog, or change the format, or change the look of it, or change something. But I won’t. This blog is about my life journey, and it can contain anything that is a part of how Lori Does Life.

I’ve given myself the freedom to change the things posted on the corkboard, and I can amuse myself with that.