Gratitude vs boasting

I was going through my draft posts today and noticed one from last summer, written when I was in a serious funk. I had decided to write my way out of my bad mood by making a list of everything I had to be thankful for in my life. But when it came right down to it, I never posted it.

Why? Frankly, it made me uncomfortable. Could I write about being thankful for a loving husband when so many people are not married, or about a wonderful child, when so many people are childless? Beyond that, although there are plenty of people who have more or better material things than I do, I am painfully aware that I am more blessed financially than most of the world. I could go on and on, and in every category, I realize I am so, so lucky.

So instead of itemizing my blessings, I should make a point of doing two things: reminding myself of how fortunate I am, and doing all I can to share those blessings with others.

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