Big things on the horizon

Tomorrow is November 13th,  the day we have been waiting for through all these afternoon and evening rehearsals. Opening Night of the musical is finally here!

Or is it?

Tomorrow is also shaping up to have some crazy winter weather (for Portland in November, at any rate) . The temperature has dropped drastically in the past two days, as the wind picked up right along with it. Our patio furniture (which we ought to have put away already, I know) has all blown down to one end of the deck. Trees are falling all around Portland, knocking out power; we had no lights or heat for about six hours last night. Now the forecasters are battling out their predictions: will it be Snowmagedden 2014 Part II The Sequel, or will it be a mere “wintry mix” of snow, rain, and sleet?

Quinland got home from dress rehearsal tonight proclaiming words I never thought I’d hear from his mouth: “PRAY that we DON’T have snow tomorrow!”

I mean, let’s be honest – every kid loves a snow day! But snow – or freezing rain – on Opening Night of the musical? That would be a disaster.

So bow your heads, cross your fingers, and send good wishes for clear streets our way. The show must go on!

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