Getting fidgety again…

fidgety inigoI’ve been checking out some cool blogs lately. Started at the beginning of Ben Does Life, and I am incredibly impressed. I found it while searching for exercise programs – sort of like Couch to 5K, but easier, since I am so out of shape – because I am going to get into shape.

I’m trying to firm up my plan. I’ve been going to Bikram Yoga twice a week for the last few weeks. We just joined Southwest Community Center as a family, and I need to check out some of the classes there. Pilates is supposed to be really good for people with MS, and some kind of beginner cardio class would be fun.

I need to look closely at what i have been putting in my mouth, too… and when. I am really bad about eating breakfast, and then I eat way too much for lunch and snack instead of eating a healthy dinner. I need to balance my food intake over the whole day, and make sure that the food I am eating is high-quality.

Of course, all of this wants me to fidget with the blog, too: to start a new blog, or change the format, or change the look of it, or change something. But I won’t. This blog is about my life journey, and it can contain anything that is a part of how Lori Does Life.

I’ve given myself the freedom to change the things posted on the corkboard, and I can amuse myself with that.

2 thoughts on “Getting fidgety again…

  1. So, so proud of you! I have been loving/hating Paleo. I love that I am sticking to it, but I’ve cheated two days and still drink a glass of wine from time to time to time 🙂 Still working though! So keep it up — we will both get there this year!!!


    1. You are so good. I have decided to eat clean, but have yet to put it totally into practice. Had a delicious yam tonight at dinner! (along with steak and eggs, thanks to Chef David)… My stumbling block will always be the planning and execution of the plan, so I need to get on that right away.


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