God bless the board gamers, every one!

anonymous giftWe have a lot of Game Days at our house: some Friday nights, some all-day Saturdays, some (when Q and I are at Scout Camp) weekend blowouts. Our many tables (and many more shelves of games) are put to good use.

At the Saturday Game Day in November, there were quite a few games of Caverna played. Billed as “the new and better Agricola” by some – not by me; Agricola is my favorite game – Caverna was at the top of David’s wish list, so I’d gotten it for him for his birthday. (With a $90 price tag, he never would have bought it for himself.)  The game was left out on the table at the end of the night, all set up and ready for future play. Alas, someone also left a large plastic tumbler of water on the table, and sometime in the wee hours of the morning, one of the cats tipped it over.

Caverna, for the uninitiated, is a game with a cardboard playing board… and many, many cardboard tiles… and lots of cards. None of these, of course, do well after sitting in a lake of water for countless hours. The board swelled, the tiles separated, and most of the game is now an unplayable mess.

It was a sad time in our house. There was no saving the waterlogged pieces. Of course, the ruined game was the newest and most-expensive, just as car accidents always happen in the nicest car a family owns. We set the parts aside with the hope that we might be able to order replacement pieces from the publisher for somewhat less than the cost of a whole new game.

Last Friday, I was vacuuming – getting ready for another game day – when Bones started barking madly. I tried to shush him a few times, then peered out the window to see if he was distracted by someone walking by, but I didn’t see anyone. Hours later, when I took out the trash, I saw a shopping bag on the doorstep with a wrapped gift inside. There was a typewritten note attached:

Thank you for hosting as often as you do.
Also, I am guessing you can guess what this is, so I will not hide it. I was just so sad to hear about your loss.

It was unsigned.

We were both so touched by the thoughtfulness of someone to anonymously replace a $90 game that was damaged by our cats. I have to admit, I smiled at the tragic tone of the note, but David was seriously disappointed when it happened. He is even happier, though, to have such kind friends. I’m thankful for that, too. The people he plays with truly are good friends and have been a real blessing to him over the years.

The Christmas spirit is alive and well around here!

2 thoughts on “God bless the board gamers, every one!

    1. We still have not solved the mystery. Matt claims he knows who did it, but he’s not telling and just says it wasn’t him. All the possible “culprits” have denied involvement.


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