99 things – #46 through #50

I found a list of 99 things, and I will be bolding the ones I’ve done and explaining a bit about each. Because I have a tendency to yammer on, I am doing 5 of the 99 at a time. (Again, if anyone reading was involved in any of these, feel free to add facts or correct my memory… and I’ll keep looking for photos.)

46. Been transported in an ambulance – This is one I am very glad I can say NO to. Even when Quinland fell off the bunk bed and had to be transported to the emergency room, we jumped right into the Paino-van and Jim and Cindy raced us to the hospital themselves. I’ll never forget little six-year-old Q – his arm was dangling, useless (and, we later found, pulse-less), and all he was worried about was that we were making him ride without a car seat or even a seatbelt. Years of training, apparently disregarded at a moment’s notice – that was the shock to his system.

47. Had your portrait painted – Officially, no. However, my very favorite portrait of myself has a place of honor at my office. Four-year-old Quinland drew a picture of the two of us (I’m on the right), then sat staring at it for a long time, repeatedly glancing between the crayon drawing and me. Finally he said, “I never realized before how much you look like Dad.”

Q - and Lori as David

Suffice it to say, David and I look nothing alike in real life.

Eiffel Tower D & Mom
David and his mom, 1993. See, I was there.

48. Gone deep sea fishing – I can assure you that this will never happen. Once, before we were married, David and I went to Catalina Island and rented a little boat and some snorkling equipment. He graciously let me jump in first while he stayed with the boat. Fish immediately began swimming all around me. Fish. FISH! Aaaaaaaugh! Apparently I am deathly (and unreasonably) afraid of fish and never knew it until that moment. I clawed my way back into the boat, screaming at David that I was surrounded by fish. He said, “I know. That’s why we spent all this money.” I refused to get back in the water and he happily snorkled by himself all afternoon. (I still get nervous at aquariums. All those pounds of water pressing up against glass? A disaster in the making, if you ask me.)

49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person – Not yet – I’ve never been to Rome – but I will.

50. Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris – I have been to the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, more than once. However, the first time we went to Paris, we were too cheap to pay to go up. And since then? Well, I am married to and mother of two people who are seriously afraid of heights, so I have stayed safely on the ground with them. I mean, who am I to talk? I am afraid of fish.

Score: A big zero on this one, 21 out of 50 in all. Back down to 42%.

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4 thoughts on “99 things – #46 through #50

    1. it is one of my very favorite Quinland stories. Such utter confidence that his picture was completely the reality and that he had just never noticed it before! I love that age.


  1. I’m going to catch you a delicious bass. I hope you won’t be afraid of it. After all, I’ve seen you not be afraid of trout almondine.


  2. As long as they do not have heads and eyes and can no longer move under their own power, I am usually good. It’s funny that I eat fish, actually; I can’t stand any shellfish but shrimp.


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