Cookie madness

Another season of Girl Scout Cookie sales has come to an end.

cookie madness

Another season of…

  • Girls being nervous about asking the neighbors to buy cookies…
  • Schlepping the order form (and the cookies) to and from work…
  • Borrowing all the cash out of the money envelope and having to write a big check at the end…
  • Sitting in the freezing cold (and the blessed sunshine, at times this year) at booth sales…
  • Hearing “Thanks anyway! Have a nice day!” many, many times, always cheerfully…
  • Thanking everyone who bought cookies, encouraged the girls, reminisced about being a Girl Scout, and/or said, “Keep the change!” It makes it all worthwhile.

In case you missed out and need a box of Samoas or Tagalongs, let me know! I can definitely hook you up.

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