Start small

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus! Not intentionally; life has just gotten in the way. Busy times at work, preparation for a trip to Europe, trying to get my head around all that needs to be done. You know the drill!

With all this “life” going on, it’s been hard to find the time I need to write a blog post. It seems to take me ages to figure out what I want to say, ages more to edit it – and I never seem to find those blocks of time to do the task justice.

I need to remind myself that every blog post doesn’t have to be long. If I am going to chronicle what I’m up to, I can do it with a photo, a quick note, or even a quote that has meaning to me.

So I think I shall start small. Short and sweet. To the point.

Here you go!

Let's talk! Comments are always welcome!

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