Plan #24 – Have a wonderful day

My birthday was a very good day.

I woke up slowly and luxuriated in checking social media on my phone before I even sat up. There is something so nice about waking up early but not needing to be anywhere!

We picked up Addison and headed to Original Pancake House for breakfast, then came home and played a few hands of Dominion. I won the first hand, David won the second, and I crushed both David and Quinland on the third. I don’t even think they let me win!

I then spent a leisurely afternoon cuddled in bed with my dog, just reading story after story on my Kindle. I recently got a trial of Kindle Unlimited, and I am making the very most of it. I suppose all the latest and greatest bestsellers are not available that way, but self-published fan fiction seems to abound!

When David asked me how I wanted to spend the day, I had proposed all sorts of things: going to the Woodburn Outlet Mall, eating lemon cake at Pastini, working on the scrapbook room. The first two went out the window when I decided to read all day, but once I got up from that, we made awesome progress on the scrapbook room. A lot of that involved moving boxes onto the guest room bed, but now there is free space on the floor to start sorting things out. I can’t wait!

No, I’m not burning everything from the scrapbook room, although sometimes I think it sounds a lot easier.

After David made us a lovely Mexican meal (kind of tapas-style, with little plates of everything), Quinland made a fire and we played a very relaxed game of Outburst with Q and Addison. Bones curled up in his dog bed and we were all warm and comfy.

I got some special gifts, phone calls and texts, and a zillion Facebook birthday wishes over the course of the day, so I felt very loved. It was a perfect birthday in every respect. (Just ask Quinland, who will attest to how many times I loudly proclaimed the sheer goodness of my birthday over the course of the day!)

Plan #23 – Stop feeling guilty

I didn’t post on Thursday (Thanksgiving), as I spent the whole day with family and friends and decided to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I didn’t post on Friday, as I spent the whole day in bed. I swear, I was narcoleptic. I couldn’t even read, as my eyes would just droop shut and I would drop the phone on my face. Instead, I had a sleeping cat on my chest and a sleeping dog on my legs and there we stayed until late in the afternoon. I did get up and get dressed to go to dinner with Mitch and Nicole (at a fantastic but very spendy restaurant called Xico on SE Division). We played a game called Wordigo after dinner, and, again, I decided to sleep after that instead of blogging.

Still… I was frustrated with myself. I’d made a commitment to post every single day in November! I couldn’t just casually miss two days in a row! But I snapped back to rational thought and decided it is better to do what I need to do to take care of myself than to arbitrarily set a goal and pursue it blindly. My whole plan is meant to be motivating, not punishing! I want to end this month excited about blogging, not feeling like I have failed.

Because, honestly, I enjoy this blog a lot more when I post often but without guilt. I’m aware that it is just a rambling monologue about my life, but that’s okay; some people will be interested, some won’t. But if I’m not interested in coming here, we have a problem!

Right now, I’m very interested. Love you all.

Plan #22 – Give all the thanks!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!

I’m so, so thankful for so many blessings:

❤️ For David and Quinland and the joy they bring me every single day.

😘 For my entire wonderful family! I’m especially lucky that I’ve still got all my parents. I know so many people who have lost theirs, so I never take this for granted, and I am thankful for every moment I get to spend with them.

😎 For incredible friends: those who are as close as family, those whom I’d like to know better, and those who only know me “virtually.”

🏡 For a roof over our heads (and the ability to repair that roof if we need to).

🍗 For such an abundance of food that I have to worry about my weight.

🏃 For the fact that my health has stayed so good for so long. I definitely have better days and not-so-good ones, but every day that I am walking around is a gift.

📑 For steady employment in a job that gives me the time I need to rest so that I can stay this healthy! The difference between my quality of life now and two years ago is drastic.

👍 For all the people who work all the jobs that make all the good things in my life possible.

And, of course, I am thankful for the God who gives us all of this! May we always show our gratitude by being good stewards of what we’ve been given and by making choices in our lives based on love for others. May that love drive out the fear in our world!

💝 Oh, yeah – I can’t forget how thankful I am for this guy, who loves me unconditionally, constantly wants me in his presence, and always wants to cuddle:



🐾 Happy Thanksgiving, Bonesy! See you on the track bright and early for the Turkey Trot!