Plan #3 – Stop eating ice cream

I’m allergic to ice cream.

Not officially or anything. But every single time I eat it, I get sick. One scoop equals hours of gut-wrenching pain.

I have known this for quite some time. But have I stopped eating ice cream? Noooooooo. Somehow I’ve managed to convince myself that one Burgerville pumpkin milkshake wouldn’t hurt. Or a scoop of ice cream on the warm cherry pie. Or that cone from Ome Calli.

But after a disastrous run-in with a vanilla malt a couple of days ago, I’ve decided to call it quits.

Ice cream, I love you, but we’re just no good together. It’s not you. It’s me.

Well, actually, it’s you.


2 thoughts on “Plan #3 – Stop eating ice cream

  1. That sucks. Sounds similar to what happens to me when I eat something containing an form of celery. I avoid it all together since I am officially allergic. Read labels, avoid food if I do not have access to the ingredient list. I wonder if it is an ingredient in ice cream. You should go to an allergist. If you can figure out what the ingredient is maybe you can find ice cream without it. (or make your own). I will say food allergies suck, the pain is debilitating and the other things that occur are awful too. Best to avoid but nice to know the real reason.

    What about frozen yogurt?


    1. I’ve been wondering if it is an ingredient in ice cream, too. I’m actually wondering if it is milk fat, because whipped cream does the same thing to me. (I’m very sad about that!!!) Not sure about frozen yogurt, but regular yogurt seems fine, so I should check it out.

      I still can’t get over how many things contain celery!


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