Plan #4 – Book some appointments


I don’t have a fear of doctors, dentists or hair stylists. Why, then, am I so bad about making regular appointments?

See, I’m very, very good about going to Urgent Care. Part of that is because I am often ill; part of it is because I am terrified about things going wrong. I’ve decided I’m not a hypochondriac, because they want something to be wrong, but I’ll admit I get anxious about my health.

But regular checkups? Mammograms, skin checks, flu shots? Seeing the dentist twice a year? Somehow I never remember to make appointments for those things.

I’m definitely improving on the haircut front. I’m growing my hair out (goal #2 for my 50th birthday), and I am facilitating the process with regular trims. But I had to cancel an appointment when I was in California last month, and kept forgetting to re-book it. I do much better when they just schedule me right at the end of the last appointment so I can put it in my phone and move on.  Now I just need to get Kaiser to update their systems to book out for six months or a year so I can do that there, too.

Check this space for updates – I’m gonna make myself book those doctor and dentist appointments tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Plan #4 – Book some appointments

  1. I book my hair appointments months in advance. I have this year covered and one for next year already. It does help. Now that my regular checkups have moved to every three months the doctors system allows for appointment scheduling. I agree that they system should be able to schedule a year in advance. That would take care of scheduling the gyno appointment. Flu shot: I had to get approval forum the pulmonologist since I am on antibiotics. So I missed the flu vaccine clinic dates. Must get it done this weekend. You should get yours done too.


    1. I missed the clinic dates, too. (Rats!) I tried to schedule a bunch of appointments online, but I have to make them in person because they are all with specialists. (Double rats!)


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