Plan #5 – Play more games

Some of you might be aware that David likes to play board games.

Yeah, I know – that might be the understatement of the year. He loves games. For the past eight or nine years, he has been in regular weekly game groups (something that I support and encourage, in case anyone wonders). Since school started this year, though, he has hardly played games at all. His friend Kevin, who has been hosting on a weekly basis for ages, hasn’t started back up this fall, and David – who usually hosts a couple of times a month – hadn’t scheduled anything this school year either.

Games here

Tonight, though, we had games over here! And – miracle of miracles – I actually played TWO GAMES. They needed a fourth for the first game, High Society, and then our friend Rachel lured me in to the next one by pulling out a word game. (She knows my game preferences well.)


It was cool. More of a word-association game than anything, really. I am in love and want it for my birthday or Christmas, but naturally it is out of print. (Of course, as our friend Ben commented, “out of print” has never kept David from getting a game.)

Codenames cards

Lessons learned tonight: Be open to playing games on game nights. Do fun things with David. Enjoy the friends who come over. Get Thai food. Make the effort. Don’t just hole up in the bedroom doing boring paperwork or cleaning or reading fan fiction. Be present.

In completely unrelated news, I got to go to the incredibly fun Blazer game last night, where we crushed the Memphis Grizzlies and were just plain awesome in almost every way. I say “almost” because I don’t like the sleeved jerseys. (Except perhaps on Meyers Leonard.) One million thanks to our friend Jon for taking me along!


The team that was predicted to be the worst in the NBA after losing four starters is now on top of the Northwest Division. Ha! RIP CITY, BABY! Go Blazers!

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