Plan #9 – Write a blog post every day!

Annnnnd… it’s not going to happen today. Drat. In my defense, I have been sitting here for hours studying for a Continuing Ed insurance exam and simply lost track of time. I’m going to consider that a good enough reason to be late (and since I haven’t gone to bed yet, it technically still seems like the 10th to me, so I’d say this counts).

Here’s a photo of Bonesy to tide you over until I write a proper post next time:

Bones (aka Bonesy, Sherlock Bones, Bone-Z, Dogboy)

2 thoughts on “Plan #9 – Write a blog post every day!

    1. He is so pretty! (He is in huge trouble right now because he ate a takeout box of chow mein right off the kitchen table. He is slinking around and can’t look me in the eye. Serves him right.)


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