Plan #18 – Keep planting seeds


On the 4th Sunday of each month, Quinland and I teach Sunday School to the preschoolers of our parish. We’ve been doing it for about three years and it is a highlight of the month for me.

The kids are amazing. They are between the ages of three and five, and this year they are almost all boys. One is very shy; a couple are very enthusiastic; one is just plain adorable, with his big eyes and his tightly-clutched stuffed animals. We fall in love with them every year and are so bummed when they get promoted to the next class.

The hour goes by incredibly quickly. We say a prayer, sing a song, listen to a very basic version of that Sunday’s Gospel, do an activity together, eat a snack, say another prayer, and go back to the pews to sit with the parents.

I love sharing our faith with these little ones. They are so eager to share what they already know about God, so excited to talk about their lives and their families, and so interested in learning new things. The fact that they are cute as can be (and hysterically funny) only adds to the appeal.

My very favorite thing about teaching this class, though, is getting to teach it with Quinland. I love to listen to Q read the Gospel, watch how the little guys look up to him, see how easily he can run the classroom. The last few months, Quinland has asked to bring friends along to our class. None of them go to church with their families, so it’s cool to give them a peek at what we do. (Our classroom is behind the altar, next to the sacristy, so it really feels like a behind-the-scenes tour.)

Best of all, I love the fact that teaching the preschoolers has boosted Quinland’s enthusiasm for coming to Mass. I think it is common for young people to start to question their beliefs, to work out for themselves how faith fits into their lives. I love seeing that faith transmitted from the Big Kid to the little kids and to see that spark kept alive.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:15

2 thoughts on “Plan #18 – Keep planting seeds

  1. I think the link from the email is broken, but I just clicked to the blog index…

    I love this post! How great that Q is still interested in this–making it even more rewarding for you both!

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  2. You two are perfect for this as well! I failed at 5 year old Sunday School class teacher. Seriously, the crafts were too hard. Once I had to bring pots, branches, rocks, yarn and cardboard cut into 100 circles with me! And we ran out of time, didn’t sing, barely prayed, and the crafts looked like crap 😎 (of course, I was only 23…) But you and Q I just know are quite magical teachers!


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