Plan #24 – Have a wonderful day

My birthday was a very good day.

I woke up slowly and luxuriated in checking social media on my phone before I even sat up. There is something so nice about waking up early but not needing to be anywhere!

We picked up Addison and headed to Original Pancake House for breakfast, then came home and played a few hands of Dominion. I won the first hand, David won the second, and I crushed both David and Quinland on the third. I don’t even think they let me win!

I then spent a leisurely afternoon cuddled in bed with my dog, just reading story after story on my Kindle. I recently got a trial of Kindle Unlimited, and I am making the very most of it. I suppose all the latest and greatest bestsellers are not available that way, but self-published fan fiction seems to abound!

When David asked me how I wanted to spend the day, I had proposed all sorts of things: going to the Woodburn Outlet Mall, eating lemon cake at Pastini, working on the scrapbook room. The first two went out the window when I decided to read all day, but once I got up from that, we made awesome progress on the scrapbook room. A lot of that involved moving boxes onto the guest room bed, but now there is free space on the floor to start sorting things out. I can’t wait!

No, I’m not burning everything from the scrapbook room, although sometimes I think it sounds a lot easier.

After David made us a lovely Mexican meal (kind of tapas-style, with little plates of everything), Quinland made a fire and we played a very relaxed game of Outburst with Q and Addison. Bones curled up in his dog bed and we were all warm and comfy.

I got some special gifts, phone calls and texts, and a zillion Facebook birthday wishes over the course of the day, so I felt very loved. It was a perfect birthday in every respect. (Just ask Quinland, who will attest to how many times I loudly proclaimed the sheer goodness of my birthday over the course of the day!)

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