Excessively fond of a cottage

I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to get rid of everything I own and move to a tiny house.

When we lived in Europe in 2012, I fell in love with so many of the places we stayed. They were perfectly equipped with everything you could need but were gloriously uncluttered.

I read a P&P fanfic on New Year’s Day that inspired me to try some virtual small-scale living this year. In the story, the new husband of a selfish and lazy Lydia Bennet moves with her into a tiny two-room cottage with no servants. She has no housekeeping skills, but she manages to learn how to keep her little home neat and clean. Ultimately, she learns they are actually rich and moves into their grand estate, but she manages well because she started small and built up her skills.

I decided that I am going to try something similar and start 2016 in a “cottage” of my own. It’s a slightly bigger two-room cottage consisting of our kitchen (and breakfast nook area, so we have somewhere to eat) and our master bedroom (and bathroom, for obvious reasons). That’s it.

What’s the point? Just to give myself a focus, as well as a mental break from stressing about this big house. If all I have to concern myself with is this little “cottage,” that will be easy to clean and keep clutter-free.  Besides, it’s fun! I’m still allowing myself to use the rest of the house, of course, but those rooms have new designations: the laundromat, the scrapbook store, the game store, etc. (My guest room is currently “one of those places you can take things to get someone to sell them on eBay for you,” since that’s where we’ve staged the huge pile of stuff to sell that had resided by our bed for about five years.) I’m jokingly calling the rest of the house “the village.”

I know it’s a silly notion, and I don’t know how long it will last, but I’ve been smiling for the last few days whenever David (who is totally on board with this plan) talks about what we can do to fix up the cottage. It’s so much nicer to think of than “we need to do a lot of work around the house.” Semantics, I know, but hey! Whatever works, right?

Now I’m off to do the dishes and tidy up my little cottage kitchen. A place for everything and everything in its place, you know!

I am excessively fond of a cottage; there is always so much comfort, so much elegance about them. And I protest, if I had any money to spare, I should buy a little land and build one myself, within a short distance of London, where I might drive myself down at any time, and collect a few friends about me and be happy.
Jane Austen

2 thoughts on “Excessively fond of a cottage

    1. See, you could do this, too! You can move anything that is not essential (meaning beautiful and/or useful) to have in your bedroom into a “storage unit” (Kevin’s room) that you could visit if necessary! Think of the joy!


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