Don’t give up

It’s Ash Wednesday, the traditional day of giving things up. “I’m giving up chocolate,” you hear people say. “I’m giving up watching TV. I’m giving up fast food.”

Not me. Not this year.

I’m not giving things up for Lent this year.

dream weaver by Greg Westfall on flickr

I’m not giving up my dreams. I know I can be more, do more, have more. I’m going to spend time in reflection during this Lenten season, clarifying just what it is that I can best do for myself and for this world.

I’m not giving up my forward momentum. I’m going to keep working hard to make things happen and asking for help when I can’t do it alone.  I’ll keep breaking things down into the smallest possible steps — and then taking those steps!

I’m not giving up on myself or anyone else. I’ll keep giving the benefit of the doubt, believing in others’ best selves as well as my own.

I’m not giving up on my relationships. I’m going to spend Lent with the people I love, finding ways to share in their lives instead of making them find a place in mine.

I’m not giving up my faith. I want to turn away from the things that have drawn me apart from making God a part of my daily life. Lent’s emphasis on prayer, fasting and giving to the poor will help me look at the ways I’ve strayed from the path of Love that I have willingly chosen.

I’m not giving up.

dream weaver” by Greg Westfall / CC BY

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