Oh, yeah, life goes on…

Here’s Bonesy resting in a sunbeam, just because he is the cutest ever.

Whew! Life has been rocketing by at 100 miles per hour, but summer is here now, and hopefully things will get back to a more livable pace. There are all kinds of exciting things to tell you about, but first, let’s bridge back to where we were last: in one of our MANY winter snow days. They had to add a ton of days to the school year here in Portland to make up for all the days the kids missed.

As is typical for teens (and kids in general, I suppose), the end of the snow season resulted in our home being filled with a large collection of Stuff That Belongs to Others. I took to Instagram at one point to offer up a fine selection of goods to the young people who had most recently shown complete disregard for the whereabouts of their belongings been playing in the snow at our house:

In a fit of New Year’s Madness, David and I decided we were going to get rid of 10,000 things in 2017. Quinland scoffed, swearing that we didn’t even have 10,000 things total (we most definitely do), let alone 10,000 we didn’t want! But we figured it was an easy 27 things a day, and we got right to work

Some stuff was easy to jettison, but – as always – some was tougher.I could not bear to lose ALL the Eat and Learn placemats, for instance, so I kept my favorites and took photos of the ones that were going to be moving on to better homes.

I’ll keep you posted on how we are doing on the Road to 10,000. (Hint: I bet you can guess.)

Quinland spent lots and lots and lots and lots of time this winter doing college applications and writing more essays than he had ever written in his 18 years combined, by his estimation. This pretty much sums up his college- and scholarship-essay fatigue:

Stay tuned for more info on how the whole thing panned out!

At long last, the snow melted away, and Bonesy could go over to play with his dog cousins. That’s Tony on the left and Mittzi on the right. Bonesy and “Tonesy” are alike in their incredible energy and playfulness, while Mittzi resembles Bones in that neither of them can hold their licker.

(The leash you glimpse is attached to Bonesy, who still likes to mark on things when left to his own devices and once peed on one of Tante Ina’s oriental rugs.)

That’s a hodgepodge of minutia, I know, but now that I’m getting my blogging legs back under me, I’ll try to be better about posting regularly. So don’t touch that dial! I still need to catch you up on so many cool things!Miss Fidgety Logo

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