Senior portraits- Class of 2017

My incredible child just finished his last year of high school. Avid photographer that he is, he took some senior portraits for a couple of friends that turned out really well.  For example, here’s Colin:

The top left is my favorite; Colin chose the bottom right one for the yearbook. Photos by Quinland; lack of high-quality resolution by me.

And here is Quinland himself:

Q chose the bottom right photo, too!

Quinland’s senior portraits are a perfect representation of his personality. First, because they show his humor and his enthusiasm and his lighthearted approach to life; second, because he had to turn them in at the last minute on the day they were due, so he is just wearing whatever he had on that day and had someone take them in the school hallway with their iPhone.

I’m not trying to throw Q under the bus on this. My point is that he got the job done, got it done on time, and did it in his own way. Yes, as the mom I would have had him get dressed up and go to a photography studio or have one of his photographer friends take professional portraits, but in the big scheme of things, it’s a small detail. Besides, I am 100% sure he did not want to be earnestly posed in a wheat field or by some railroad tracks, gazing off into his distant future. I suppose he might have been okay with leaning against a tree with his arms crossed, but I never asked.

Frankly, I was taken by surprise by the whole thing, which is my own fault. Of course, I knew that kids get portraits taken for the yearbook (and to send out to all their parents’ friends); I knew that they no longer were required to get dressed up in tie or pearls and go to one particular photographer, as we did back in the day; and I should have known that all this would have to be done in the fall. I dropped the ball on this one, but I’m not sorry. I have awesome senior pictures of Quinland and that’s all that matters.

2 thoughts on “Senior portraits- Class of 2017

  1. Q is very handsome. I love the photo that he chose for the Year book, it’s great. If you hadn’t told us that it was taken in the hallway I wouldn’t have known. I will say I like the casualness of the photos. They had rules about size and head shots when I was in high school. This is so much better, really shows of their personalities.


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