New music from Hudson Taylor!

It has been a long while since I’ve written about my favorite Irish brothers, Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor, and far too long (over two years!) since their debut album was released.

But the wait is over for us all! The lads have just released an incredibly catchy new single, “Feel It Again.” The production is more slick (a full band! horns!), which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; I love love love stripped-down Hudson Taylor (shout-out to the original “Hideaway” video), but a few of the songs on Singing For Strangers may have been a bit under-done, even for me.

In addition, though I’ve loved Harry and Alfie’s gorgeous voices and beautiful music for four years now, I’ve felt that they had their fair share of songs with a clunky or cringe-worthy lyric.  As would be expected now that they are not just kids anymore, “Feel It Again” impresses me as a more mature work, lyrically. (There may be a few too many “la la la’s” for some folks, but I’m one who protested the cutting of “And I don’t want to let you go” lines from eight to six in the official “Chasing Rubies” single, so I’m fine with it.) I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

I suppose I shouldn’t refer to Hudson Taylor as just Harry and Alfie anymore, really; they have a full band of very talented folks playing with them, and each of them should get credit as well. Let’s see: we have Tadgh Walsh-Peelo on guitar and his brother Oisín on keyboards; Jonny Colgan on drums and  – hey! Is that or is that not Ronan Sherlock on bass?! Is there anything your man hasn’t played? – and little sister Holly Hudson-Taylor on tambourine and backing vocals. (Yep, I’m enough of a Hudson Taylor fangirl to try to keep up with who’s in the band. I even get it right sometimes. Go ahead and judge me.)

Left to right: Oisin, Jonny, Ronan, Harry, Holly, Alfie, Tadgh. Photo via

On to the good stuff: Here’s Hudson Taylor playing “Feel It Again” live on late-night Irish television. Enjoy!

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