Him, Her, Them, Us – opens next week!

Now that Quinland has graduated from high school, it is up to the other fry to keep me posted about the goings-on of the SouthWest StageWorks theatre company. The fall musical, an adaptation of Love’s Labour’s Lost, was hilarious, and I have been anxiously awaiting the next production, which opens on February 15th.

Why am I so excited for this one? Well, it could be because of the consistently stellar work done by the Wilson theatre department. But it could also be because Gracie has a lead in the play! Call me biased about my fry if you like, but that kid can act, and I can’t wait to see her slay the audience. (I believe that is a figurative phrase, but the makeup previews I’ve seen on Instagram have been pretty gory, so…)

I have taken the liberty of lifting the information for the play right off the (SW)2 website for your convenience, so read on for more info.  For tickets, click HERE.



Written by: Claire Willett and Jeffrey Denight
Directed by: Matthew B. Zrebski

In its sixth year collaborating with SouthWest StageWorks at Wilson High School, Playwrights West company members Claire Willett and Jeff Denight have each penned a one-act, investigating the themes and challenges associated with gender and coming of age in the 21st Century.  This thematic choice is based largely on observations at Wilson High School and in schools across the city and country.  More and more, the definitions and expectations of gender are being challenged and redefined.  The emerging generation is front and center in confronting what may be a paradigm shift in how gender and identity are both claimed and perceived.  The plays will be presented as an evening of theatre with an intermission separating them.

Red Sky At Morning
by Claire Willett
Old friendships, new crushes, and way too much pizza meet swashbuckling adventure as Marcus and his friends play a maritime battle role-playing game.  But when the game collides with real life, all must confront the ways we’re shaped – for bad or good – by the online communities we live in.  A biting comedy, Red Sky At Morning dares us to confront how 21st Century media is defining the people we are – and the people we might become.

by Jeff Denight
Jacky is a teen with a most sacred secret. As her disclosed truth ripples through the community, forces clash to define the acceptable, the normative, the allowable.   Expectations are weaponized.  Silence is used as violence.  And threats loom in the form of unimaginable horror.  A neo-modernist drama, LOST_FOR_WORDS pushes the boundaries of theatricality, demanding that we question how we choose to embrace – or reject – the gray areas in our lives…
(Runs Feb 15-24 and is appropriate for audiences aged Middle School and older for mature language and situations)

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