Love is all you need

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

It’s Ash Wednesday, too, the beginning of Lent. Interestingly enough, the three pillars of Lent all relate to love relationships.

Prayer: strengthens your relationship with God and helps you to focus on how you can serve God through serving others.

Fasting: involves your relationship with yourself, as it helps you turn from selfish habits and things that disturb your inner peace.

Almsgiving: (not, as autocorrect wanted it to be, “skydiving”) lets you reach out and build relationships with others in need, whether they need something tangible, like food or shelter, or just need our compassion, concern, or forgiveness.

I love Lent. I don’t always do very well at those three important parts, but even making the effort makes a difference. It’s like a spring cleaning for your heart, a chance to look at whether you have been relating to God, to yourself, and to other people in the most loving way possible.

Some say that these three practices are like the three legs of a stool. I’m cool with making it a chair and adding skydiving back in.

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