How to eat a cliché: one bite at a time

You know the old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time,” right? I have an issue with this. See, I am a big-picture person. Some people can’t see the forest for the trees, but I can’t see the trees, because I am too overwhelmed by the enormity of the forest.

It is much less stressful to break things down into their smallest parts and do one thing at a time, but it’s so hard for me! I know, theoretically, that if I can concentrate on the next thing that needs to be done — and just do that, and give it my best attention and effort — I will ultimately succeed, yet here I sit at the beach for scrapbooking weekend, telling myself I just need to do a few critical tasks before I get to play with my friends, and I’m still not doing them. A couple of important phone calls, a few important emails, and I will have a clear mind and a clear conscience.

Now I’ve done most of it… but I find myself resisting the last couple of things. I’m listening to the conversations in the other room, eating Red Vines, writing this blog post — anything but making the calls. It’s ridiculous.

I need to bite the bullet, pull the trigger, stop aiming and just shoot. I need to Just Do It.

Ugh. Okay. Here we go.

All right, I’m back. It was mildly successful. Left a voice mail, tried multiple times to make another call, spoke to one person. Went and sorted paperwork to make up the difference.

Do I feel better? I suppose I do. I’m so darn tired that I think I should just go in the hot tub and go to bed. I’ll start this party tomorrow.

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