Deb and I are at the beach for a scrapbook weekend! Technically, I have scrapbooked: I’ve done exactly three pages, and I am proud of myself.

So what does one do at scrapbook weekend if one is not scrapbooking, you ask?

Well, we have a tradition that we follow on the way there. First, we stopped at every Goodwill between Portland and Lincoln City, where we scored on Creative Memories albums and a couple of games for David. And a clock. And a book. And a cool wine glass. Then we have lunch at McMenamin’s Lighthouse Pub in Lincoln City, where I always eat the salmon sandwich. (This particular trip, it was quite appropriate, because it was a Friday in Lent.) Finally, it is off to the beach house!

We settled in, and Deb got busy cropping like a maniac. I, on the other hand, did the work I spoke of yesterday, sorted papers, ate some candy, checked my email, took a nap, drank a margarita, watched some Olympics (men’s figure skating and women’s Super G, both incredible), wrote a blog post, and did a jello shot. There are some awesome women to hang out with, so whatever I do, I am having a good time.

Today, though, I really buckled down. I slept until 10:30, paid a couple of bills, sorted through my Christmas paper and stickers, did those three scrapbook pages (of Christmas 2016), did another jello shot, had another margarita, watched some more Olympics, took a really long nap, and then uploaded and sorted tons and tons of photos (from 1988 to 2006)!  I call this a productive day, in a very pampering weekend.

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