When I’m making plans to come down to California, I always ask Gina what’s on her social calendar for that week. Book Club? Mastermind? Cooking class? Bunco? (G has a much more exciting — and more regular — social life than I do.) I like to get a chance to spend time with her friends, people I see once a year, at the most.

This trip fell on a Bunco week. For those who don’t know, Bunco is an extremely easy dice game that is perfect for socializing. It takes very little thinking, so you can go on chatting; you change partners constantly, so you get to catch up with everyone; and the winning partners move to different tables, which mixes things up even more.

Gina has been playing with these women, whom she knows from her college sorority, for more than twenty years. Two of the people there last night were bridesmaids in her wedding, as was I. It was so fun to get to hear about their kids and their lives!

I need to set up structured time with my friends, whether a book club or a standing Bunco date. I used to have this with Creative Memories, when I’d have regular crops; David has had it for the past ten years with his game group(s). But lately, my social life seems to consist of promising people that we will get together and then not following up and making an actual date.

I’m going to set a goal: in the next 30 days, I will set up a group like this! Let me know if you want to be in it!

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