Best Picture Showcase – Day Two

It’s the second and final day of the Best Picture Showcase! Just like last week, I’ll give you spoiler-free “reviews” of the films we watched, despite my lack of expertise. I enjoyed all five, although there was a slight mishap with the last one. With no further ado:

Dunkirk – Gina’s take: “Not enough backstory. Nothing made you care about any of the characters.” Zumu and Zufu loved it.

I must admit that I did not know nearly enough about the evacuation at Dunkirk before watching this movie. I did agree with Gina that you don’t really get to know the characters (most of whom are not big stars), but in a way it seemed fitting, because the sheer numbers of soldiers on the beach — more than 300,000 —  on the beach, waiting for rescue. But I appreciated the way it showed all the tribulations those soldiers — and the men who rescued them — had to go through.

Darkest Hour – Gina: “Amazing.” It was another Zumu and Zufu hit, as well.

Wow. Just wow. If Gary Oldman does not win the Best Actor prize tomorrow, I will be surprised. He was magnificent. The War Room, Parliamentary debates, Number 10 Downing Street, Churchill’s remarkable speeches. . . Just incredible.

Call Me By Your Name – Zufu: “Why did we just watch a movie about that?” Zumu: “Because this is Hollywood.”

I’m kind of glad I saw Timothée Chalamet in Lady Bird before I saw him in this. In Lady Bird, he was aloof to the point of being impassive. In Call Me By Your Name, on the other hand, he is vulnerable and young and lovestruck and incredibly emotive. His performance makes the film simultaneously entertaining and almost painfully awkward, which is absolutely perfect.

The Post – This one restored Zumu’s faith in Hollywood filmmakers. We all loved it, but I don’t know if it was a best Picture front-runner.

Meryl Streep: perfect, as always. Tom Hanks: happily (for me), not stereotypically Tom Hanks. Steven Spielberg made a fascinating, high-quality Hollywood film. No surprises there! It was a great film. It might win. I don’t think it should. It was great, but it didn’t seem head and shoulders over the rest of the field.

Get Out – Gina had seen it already and loved it. I think Zumu and Zufu were horrified by this one.

At the hour mark of this film, I took my medication, swallowed my drink wrong, choked, spit cranberry juice all over myself and the seats, and started to cough uncontrollably, which caused me to pee my pants like the average middle-aged woman that I am. I ended up texting Quinland from the restroom that I could not possibly show my face in that theater again. He gave me a pep talk until I decided to stand in the back of the theater to watch the ending. (Gina let me sit on her sweatshirt in the car until she got me home.)

Day Two is over! Tomorrow, we shall watch the Oscars and see who wins all the awards. I can’t wait for the red carpet! I love seeing the stars and their gorgeous evening wear. And Jimmy Kimmel, the conscience of our nation, should be a fantastic host. Hooray!

One thought on “Best Picture Showcase – Day Two

  1. Lori, which are your top 3? Lori: “Ladybird. The Darkest Hour. (very, very, very, very long pause) I really liked Three Billboards and I really liked Call Me By Your Name.”

    OMG — Lori and Zumu share two! (The Darkest Hour and Three Billboards) More typical, Lori and Gina share two (The Darkest Hour and Ladybird)

    I also really, really, really loved Shape of Water and Get Out. Yay, Oscar Day!!


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