Conservation of resources

The most basic life resources are time, energy and money. The amount each person has is unique and none of it is guaranteed. Each decision you make is an allotment of these precious resources. – Jeannie Powell, Life Simplified

I’ve been reading a lot lately about simplifying one’s life. I came across this quote tonight while flying home from California, and it really resonated with me. I know well that my energy is limited, so why do I waste it on minutia that is not meaningful to me?

I don’t mean that rest and relaxation are a waste of time. But if I can do something restful while spending time with someone I don’t see often enough,  that “rest” is so much more meaningful than spending some solitary time on the internet.

Food for thought. I’m now going to do something that will be a positive use of time and energy: sleep. Goodnight, all.

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