Too much, too little, too late

What a week this has been! Flying home from California, seeing Hudson Taylor, being continuously sick . . . All of it has done a number on my sleep.

And I need sleep. Of course, everyone does, but combine multiple sclerosis with any kind of infection and all bets are off. The fatigue I normally feel is much worse when my immune system is working overtime, trying to defeat the bacteria. Right now, the fatigue I feel is profound.

It’s all coming to a head today. I was sleep-typing at work while my boss stood over me doing dictation. I crashed after work while reading the news (and missed a dinner appointment). I fell asleep before writing a blog post (and I keep falling asleep while doing so, then waking up and finding I’ve typed “Xxx_f_th yt? Steerĝ.”)

It’s too much. I need to prioritize sleep until I get caught up. I need to lie down and go to sleep now. I need to alter my plans for this weekend, to get some extra sleep in:

  • Do paperwork. Nap.
  • Throw dirt into a hole. Nap.
  • Walk dog. Nap.
  • Run dishwasher. Nap.
  • Throw more dirt into a hole. Nap. (Yeah, I’ll admit it. My life is pretty boring.)

Let’s see if this can get me back on track! There are tasks to accomplish, dogs to love, and a giant hole in the front yard that’s not going to fill itself.

Edited to add: So I walked outside this morning and the giant hole had filled itself. Well, not exactly; Deb came over after her run, while I was still asleep, and filled the hole. That girl is way too good to me; she’d qualify as the very best friend in the world if she never picked up a shovel on my behalf, and the fact that she did that brings tears to my eyes.

I told you I’m surrounded by wonderful people!

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