Games of chance

Want to know a deep, dark secret?

I buy a Powerball ticket three or four times a year.

I play the Safeway Monopoly game.

I buy tickets for the 50/50 raffle at church.

Don’t worry: I’ve listened carefully to all those lottery commercials. I’m not playing for investment purposes. I play for entertainment purposes only. I know that most people who play games of chance never win a thing.

But wouldn’t it be cool to win something big? I mean, someone’s got to win, right? Why not me?!

I’d put the money to good use, I swear. I’d make sure no one in my family had to worry about a roof over their heads or an unreliable car. I’d give to the needy. I’d put money away for retirement. (If the prize were big enough, I’d move directly into retirement!)

Yeah, I know it’s all just a fantasy. That’s fine with me, though. It’s fun to dream those kinds of dreams.

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