I’ve been trying to make more time in my life for things I enjoy. Way too often, I “punish” myself (for not doing the things I think I have to do) by not letting myself have any fun. As a motivating technique, it is pretty useless; all it does is make me sad and make me resent my life.

This week, I took the huge step of taking the shrink wrap off a couple of things I got at Goodwill eons ago: a roll-up puzzle mat and a cool puzzle of London. This is a multi-purpose activity. Working on puzzles is fun; it’s almost like meditating, because you are focused so completely on the task; and, in this particular case, it’s a lesson in London geography that I really need.

Over the years, I’ve probably spent six or eight weeks in and around London, but because of the Underground, I never know exactly where anything is in relation to anything else. I just magically pop up from below ground into a mini-land around that Tube stop, then go back down and pop up again somewhere else. (Not to mention that the Thames is so curvy that you can go from being north of the river to east of it, without crossing it at all. That’s how they get you.)

Yep, this puzzle map is gonna change everything. I’ll be having fun in the short term, and I’ll be impressive as heck the next time I’m in London.

3 thoughts on “Puzzled

  1. I Love puzzling. I also have a roll up mat. Keeps the pieces from the little ones. Pre-Bria I was able to complete a puzzle a week (1000 pieces) during Arya’s nap. I have been trying to get Bria to s map in her crib but she would rather snuggle with me. Hopefully in the coming months I can start puzzling again.

    Do you have a buy nothing group? I have gotten most of my puzzles from that group. Its free. Everything is free. Also a great way to get rid if stuff around the house. Its really big here.


  2. I haven’t heard of that one. Buynothingproject.org this will help you locate your local group. It’s through Facebook. We have gotten rid of lots of baby stuff to people that live 5 minutes from us.


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