Candidness – #AtoZChallenge

Here’s the thing about me: I’m constitutionally incapable of not sharing my own personal information. I don’t know why, but I’m compelled to tell you all about everything. The catchphrase is, “With Lori, there’s no mystery.”

So, while I know that there are plenty of people with plenty of excellent reasons not to talk about living with MS, I am not those people. My family knows; my friends know; my boss knows; and I bring it up with random strangers (if we already have a reason to be chatting; I’m not that random).

Having MS is just part of who I am now, and I talk about it that way. I know that I’m lucky to not have any repercussions at work. I’m lucky to have friends that understand when I vanish for periods of time. I’m lucky that I can be candid about my health in so many ways, so I’m never critical of anyone who chooses to use more discretion. I just wish the situation were such that no one felt they had to be silent.

2 thoughts on “Candidness – #AtoZChallenge

  1. C: cough. I cough all the time. Multiple times a day. It’s how I clear my lungs. My coughs are productive. People may think I am sick even my own family. I need to remind them that coughing for me is good. Clearing my lungs so they don’t get infected is good. I don’t notice that I cough more than others until I am in a crowded room and notice hey I am the only one coughing. I have had someone mutter “why don’t you have another cigarette. ” I did reply. I am sorry my genetic lung disease is bothering you, your ignorance is bothering me. I cough when I laugh and it feels as though I will not breath again.

    Why can’t my lungs clear themselves like healthy lungs, you ask? That is also a C.

    C: Cellia. Tiny hairs in your body. They orient your organs during development. They move eggs through the fallopian tubes. They move sound in your ears they are even in your sinuses. And yes the lungs. Mine don’t work and or they are not present. They can’t clear my lungs so I cough. They don’t move eggs so I became a parent through adoption. My organs did end up in the correct places.

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