Fatigue – #AtoZChallenge

This is the perfect day to talk about fatigue! You see, Walk MS was two days ago, and it was awesome. Family, friends, love, support — it’s my favorite day of the year, and I float through it on a wave of adrenaline. But every year, I go home from the Walk and pretty much collapse for days.

Fatigue has been the weirdest and most frustrating symptom of all. Some days, I will be feeling absolutely fabulous– energetic, motivated, happy — and then, after doing maybe one task, I crash. Other days, I wake up and think about getting some food or using the bathroom, but I’d have to lift my head and move the dog over, and I don’t have the energy to do it.

I have days that I basically live in my bed, days that I crash as soon as I get home from work, days that I need to rest after every little thing I do. Then, out of nowhere, I’ll have some great days.

One thing to note is that sleep doesn’t help the fatigue much (I can have a short nap, a long nap, or a good night’s sleep, and still feel lethargic) but lack of sleep definitely makes it worse. Colds, flu, infections, stress and sleep deprivation all seem to kick my immune system into gear, completely exhaust me, and do a number on my left side.

It’s totally manageable, in its own way.  I mean, it’s just hanging around in bed! What’s not to like?! But there’s a stigma to it. You’re lazy. You aren’t making an effort. All these naps are just making you more tired. You are wasting your life. Does anyone really say those things? I doubt it; they are probably all internal. But apparently those are long-held attitudes in my mind, because those voices guilt-trip me about all the time I spend resting.


Fry – This post could also mention the young, whom I love, who are more than willing to just pop over to the house and visit with me in bed, and who have seen me in my pajamas too many times to count. (Love you guys!)

3 thoughts on “Fatigue – #AtoZChallenge

  1. F: fungus. At some point a few years ago I breathed in fungus. It’s commonly found on dying plants outdoors. It lives within me. It popped up on one of my routine sputum cultures. The antfungal drugs are awful. My doctor said he doesn’t recommend then for a couple reasons. 1. The side effects are awful and you have to take them for 6 months. 2. I could just get it again. Since we live here in the PNW where this fungus grows on dead leaves. It would be hard to avoid. So I have opted not to have it treated. The fungus isn’t doing any harm. I do like to joke that I cough up mushrooms. To bad they are not truffles.

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    1. Whitney, that made me laugh so loud! Truffles would definitely improve the situation. (You can truly say, as my science teacher in high school used to, “There’s a fungus among-gus.”)


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